Paranormal Author Releases A New Story That’s Out Of This World

c3 is now out in paperback and I have a press release about it!
c3, a new metaphysical fantasy about out-of-body experiences,will be available in paperback starting June 10, 2014. This is Sherrie Cronin’s fourth novel and copies are available for purchase at Amazon. See the authors website at for more information.
Sherrie Cronin is the author of 46 Ascending, a collection of loosely interrelated novels about five very different family members who each discover that they can do the extraordinary when circumstances require it. These books are designed to be read as stand alone stories or in any order. Each book explores a facet of magical realism, as its down-to-earth hero comes to understand the powers that he or she holds within.
c3 is a book about an important topic aimed at fantasy lovers of all ages. It describes a typical sixteen year old American girl who is confronted by the sale of girls and women when she studies abroad for a semester in India. To all appearances Teddie is helpless to aid her friends,but she slowly discovers that even the most vulnerable can be courageous and hold the power to cause great change.
The author says “I had three unusual challenges in writing this book. The first was the difficult subject matter. I didn’t want to gloss over it, and yet I wanted this book to be appropriate for those as young as sixteen and not so distressing that those of any age would not want to keep reading. The second challenge was to treat the people and cultures of Southern Asia with respect,fairness and accuracy. To this end I relied on many beta readers, several from the areas I wrote about. Their feedback was invaluable. Because I write in a sub-genre called magical realism, in which I hope to convince my readers that amazing occurrences are possible in our everyday world, my final challenge with c3 was to describe the metaphysical phenomenon of out of body experiences in a believable way.”