sisters2I have a sister. She’s my only sibling and in spite of the fact that we live a thousand miles apart and lead very different lives, there is a bond. It grows out of the past, a strong vine twining its way through our similar biology and our shared memories. Knowing she is there adds a certain strength to my life, and the vine that holds us together sprouts expected flowers upon occasion.

My first book, x0, has a lot to do with sisters. My main character Lola has one and so does the woman with whom she develops a telepathic bond. Each is quite different from her own sibling, and their common roles as big sister and protector work to forge the two strangers together. I guess its not surprising that Lola has two daughters as well, and books four and five in this collection center around these two young women with very different personalities and powers.

sisters7Teddie, the younger sister, got to tell her story first. In c3 she finds strength she didn’t expect when circumstances force her to learn to protect others for the first time in her life. Big sister Ariel can only watch from a distance.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of publishing d4 on kindle. Over the next month or two it will make its way out in paperback and at other markets, as big sister Ariel steps to the center stage to tell her story. Confident from birth, this older sister struggles with a talent that won’t allow her to protect everyone, and that requires learning a sense of balance that Ariel must struggle to achieve.

Today, I created Ariel’s blog at touching the sky to save the world. Drop by and say hi. Teddie isn’t done speaking yet, not by a long shot. However, she’s paused to let her big sister introduce herself. I hope that you will enjoy getting to know Ariel as much as you enjoy hearing from Teddie.