India, Bhutan and Thailand

Most of the action in c3 takes place in Darjeeling India, in the little known nation of Bhutan, in Bangkok Thailand and along Thailand’s famous beaches. I had a fascinating time researching each of these locations and as I wrote I fell in love with all them. I was lucky enough to have four wonderful beta readers from India who were kind enough to help me with accuracy and local color, and I was also able to make use of books, the internet and well-traveled friends to fill in other gaps in my knowledge. You see,  I’ve haven’t made it to any of these locations yet, but I will, and hopefully soon.

Below are the ten links in the book that show more about these exciting places, and a short excerpt from c3 showing how each location plays a role in the story.

Bagdogra AirportChapter 5.
This is what Teddie and Michelle see as they arrive at the Bagdogra airport

Teddie had been to Ireland, to France and to Hawaii, so she had some idea of how miserable a long flight was on a full plane. Still. Two crying babies, one on each side? Come on. There ought to be a law.

Michelle, who clearly was far more excited than Teddie was about this adventure, as everyone else kept insisting on calling it, had slept through three out of the four major bouts of wailing. Now, she was wide awake and eager to explore the Frankfurt airport for a few hours before the girls boarded the second plane on to Delhi and then yet a third on to some town Teddie couldn’t even begin to pronounce. And then that would be followed by a three-hour car ride. Teddie, for her part, just wanted to sleep in a bed, preferably her own soft and cozy bed, but at this point any real bed would do.

The flight to Delhi was full too, of course, and Teddie had already been warned, many times, that from this point forward she should expect large crowds of people crammed into less space than she was used to or would like. India, only about one-third the size of the United States, had over three times as many people. It was going to be part of the cultural adjustment that was going to make “this adventure” so enriching.

Chapter 6.
See the views of Kanchenjunga from Darjeeling that Teddie raves about during her first meal at the school at

Chapter 8.
See photographs of the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway from the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway Society Website at

Chapter 9
See Gangtok through Usha’s eyes as she arrives at

Chapter 11.
See the Tiger’s Nest, the most famous cliff dwelling monastery in Bhutan, and similar in concept to the much smaller convent where Usha is hiding

Chapter 13.
See why Teddie findsthe mountains too beautiful to leave by visiting this post on a travel blog

Chapter 15.
Visit the Peace Pagoda in Darjeeling, where Lhatu snaps a photo of the Zeitman family
Check out the other photos of Darjeeling while you are there.

Chapter 25
See beautiful Lachen in Sikkim India on this blog of world photos:

Chapter 27
See photos from Patong Beach at

Chapter 29
Once she leaves the convent, Usha considers making Bhutan her permanent home. Learn more about Bhutan at