I love to read and to research, and all my novels have begun by my devouring fact and fiction on subject matters that interest me. I am grateful for both the internet sources and the written materials that helped me write c3.
c3 is interactive in the sense that all electronic versions of it contain one or two links per chapter which take the reader to music, photos or a short news item or article to serve as an enhancement to the story.  The links on the Amazon version all work on a Kindle Fire, and the links in the other versions will open when the book is read on an internet capable device. The book can be read just fine without going to any of the links. They are not essential to the plot.
Links to music are given on a separate page called Music in c3. Photos and information on the locations where this story takes place can be found on the page called India, Bhutan and Thailand.
This page contains information on the remaining ten links that I thought would most enhance the reader’s experience. Each is followed by enough of an excerpt from the book to provide context. I hope you enjoy exploring them as much as I did.
At the end I provide a few additional links to sources that provided me with general information used to write c3. Please know that it is my intent to be accurate, respectful of all cultures, and open-minded about various points of view. If I have fallen short, it is regretted. Inclusion of a source below in no way implies that source’s endorsement.


Chapter 10.
Read the Associate Press news article on name changes for girls in India.

Chapter 16.
Learn about how telepathy works in the world of x0

Chapter 18.
Learn more about entanglement at

Chapter 19.
Read one woman traveler’s account of Ping Pong shows in Bangkok

Chapter 21.
Read why Kanchenjunga is one of the five deadliest mountains in the world

Chapter 22.
See the Thai countryside and visit a blog devoted to fighting human trafficking

Chapter 23.
Learn more about the Sisters of the Good Shepherd and their efforts to help victims of human trafficking at

Chapter 24
See the photos of Kathrine Switzer in the 1967 Boston marathon at

Chapter 26
Get a quick glimpse of how the brain processes images at

Chapter 30
Learn more about climbing Kanchenjunga at

Other Internet Sources:
My research for this novel included far more internet sites than would be practical to mention, and given the subject matter of the book it included several I would not dream of listing here. However, several sources provide a great deal of material and inspiration and I would like to thank them specifically and direct interested readers their way.

Bhutan visit: Plan a fantasy vacation to Bhutan, or even a real one. (

Crystalinks: This “metaphysics and science” website provides detailed and well presented information on astral projection and out of body experiences, as well as a skeptics point of view. Fascinating, whatever your personal beliefs are on the subject. (

The Himalayan Club: The Himalayan Club, founded in 1928, exists toencourage and assist Himalayan travel and exploration, and to extend knowledge of the Himalaya and adjoining mountain ranges through science, art, literature and sport.” A visit here is also a wonderful way to trek in the Himalayas from the comfort of your own living room.  ( This web source for combatting human trafficking champions “empowerment through knowledge” and works to bring Government and NGOs together, with a focus on East Asia and the Pacific. (

Safe Horizon: Once known as the Victim Services Agency, this organization originated in New York to help criminal court witnesses who had been intimidated.  Today, they assist human trafficking victims world wide with the belief that “every person impacted by violence and abuse deserves to …. look forward to a better and safer tomorrow.”  (

Vital Voices Global Partnership: This NGO “identifies, trains and empowers emerging women leaders and social entrepreneurs around the globe,” in an effort to support human rights everywhere by reducing all forms of violence against women. (

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