Meet the Characters

Because this novel has many characters with unfamiliar names, this book contains a list of characters located at the very end. In the electronic versions of Layers of Light, there is a live link to this list in the Table of Contents.

Alphabetical List of Characters:
Alex: Teddie’s father
Amy: social worker from Chicago
Ana: employee in Amy’s office
Ariel: Teddie’s older sister
Ashmita: Usha’s mother
Awut: Teddie’s photography teacher
Bela: family friend in Gangtok
Bhadra: Usha’s 11 year old sister
Chakor: Usha’s deceased father
Duttas: elderly telepathic couple from Darjeeling
Haley: mountain climber from Denver
Hans and Henrik: Norwegian climbers who advocate to include Haley
Jampa: young monk living in Bhutan
Jeet: Usha’s uncle in Patna
Keng: assistant manager of bar in Bangkok
Khae: manager of bar in Bangkok
Lawan: ex-US military researcher and rebel within c3
Lhatu: man from Bhutan
Lola: Teddie’s mother
Maurice: old family friend of the Zeitmans
Mei: expert cyber detective from China who asks no questions
Michelle: Teddie’s closest friend
Nandi: procurer of young girls for exclusive clients
Noi: One of Vanida’s trainers at a camp in the Thai countryside
Noom: name Jampa uses for his sister
Olumiji: Nigerian telepath
Pavel:  the man who purchases Usha
Pêe chaai: name Vanida uses for her brother
Pim: One of Vanida’s trainers at a camp in the Thai countryside
Riddhi: Usha’s aunt in Patna
Samir: Pavel’s go to man for delicate items
Sanjana: emergency room nurse who Amy once saved
Shawna: a childhood friend of Teddie’s
Sister Teresa Marie: a Sister of the Good Shepherd
Somadina: Nigerian telepath and close friend of Teddie’s mother
Tariq: Pakistani boy who aids Teddie telepathically
Teddie: high school student from Houston
Uncle Steve: Haley’s agent
Usha: high school student from Patna
Vanida: trainee in the sex industry
Vasily:  Pavel’s old friend and assistant
Yuden: Lhatu’s grandmother
Za: murdered mother of two unusual twins
Zane: Teddie’s older brother

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